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The Power of Our LDR 7100

Manufactured by InkJet, the LDR 7100 is designed to make laser technology finally attainable for all types of production environments. With its new laser digital resolution and enhanced high-res mark quality, this machine can mark a variety of different materials with ease, including coated metals, glass, polymers and coatings, rigid and flexible plastics, coated or uncoated paper or paperboard, and just about any other substrates found throughout most industries.

DPI is proud to provide this impressive machine to those in the food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, HBA, wire, cable, and manufacturing industries. We know that once you are able to take advantage of this innovative design and no galvos technology, you are never going to look back. Find more information about the LDR 7100 by browsing our brochure pages.

New Laser Digital Resolution with Enhanced High-Res Mark Quality