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Maintaining your laser marking equipment is necessary for maintaining performance levels. The complexity of these machines, however, means that often you are going to have to turn to a professional to get the repairs or upgrades you need done.

Directed Photonics INC. is a laser repair center that is ready to provide you with re-gassing, reprocessing, and repairing lasers manufactured by Domino, Coherent, Synrad, and Universal. We have years of experience when it comes to laser marking equipment repairs, and know how to deliver the results you need efficiently and effectively.

Comprehensive Repairs for Your Domino Lasers

Maintaining your Domino laser marking equipment has never been easier than with the professionals at our company. We service every aspect of your DDC2, DDC3, S100, S200, or S300 systems, including repairing laser marking heads and control units.

What does a laser tube reprocessing do? It can bring your DDC2, DDC3, S200, or S300 laser tube back to life. We even warranty your restored tube to ensure it continues to perform at original equipment specifications for up to 12 months. This reprocessing is half the cost of swapping your laser tube for an unknown, returned SEL tube.

When you are not sure what type of work your laser marking system needs; we provide a full condition report with each tube, so you know what to expect from your laser tube. Furthermore, the new laser tube we manufacture is a direct plug and play for your system, which helps you quickly get back on track with your laser marking services. Some of the different results you might notice from our full condition report include:

Evaluation Only

If upon initial inspection, your laser is determined to be unrepairable, DPI will only charge a $150.00 evaluation fee. You will always be quoted a fixed repair fee prior to any work proceeding. If you choose not to proceed, you will only be charged for the evaluation fee.

Failed Repair

Unfortunately, not every CO2 laser can be brought back to its original power levels. Should DPI attempt to repair your laser without being able to return your laser to the specified power level, you will only be charged $250 for the attempted repair.

Standard Re-Gassing/Reprocessing

The standard cost of re-gassing and reprocessing your CO2 laser is $950 per reservoir. Some laser units may require additional repairs, including fixing power supplies, optics, and other necessary electronic parts. These additional repairs will be quoted for customer approval prior to proceeding.

Unlike other laser repair facilities, the turnaround time for our center is typically only two weeks from receipt of your laser.

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Please attach RMA form to your equipment when sending to Directed Photonics INC. for service, reprocessing, or upgrades.

Please contact Robert Marusa for an RGA number when completing the RMA form.

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